Welcome from President Larry Swartz

Larry Swartz

The International New Thought Alliance is a global organization dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment and transformation of the individual and the world since 1914. Its purpose is to promote cooperation, provide a basis for common effort of the various units of the New Thought world, promote those activities that cannot of their very nature be accomplished by each group or individual alone, disseminate and publish the good news of New Thought, and build a spiritual fellowship that will secure the respect of all human beings.

The concerns of INTA are:

  1. Promoting spiritual inspiration and guidance for New Thought ministers, practitioners, teachers, laity, ministries, and groups;
  2. Offering Annual World Congresses and local programs throughout the world designed to aid understanding of New Thought and to promote interest in it;
  3. As a democratic, umbrella organization, our goal is to be a vehicle for disseminating timeless universal Truths to spiritually awaken, empower, transform, and connect individuals globally.
  4. Encouraging educational excellence throughout the New Thought movement;
  5. Preserving New Thought's rich heritage through archival and other work, promoting the effectiveness of New Thought practices, encouraging the constant rethinking of its theoretical foundations, helping all New Thoughters to grow in their awareness of the One Presence and One Power of Good, the Infinite Good, and being of service to the world in achieving peace, prosperity, and wellness in all dimensions of existence.