The answer to this question can be as short as an elevator answer, meaning about as long as one might be in an elevator and asked the question, or a far more in depth answer that is the stuff books are made of. The elevator answer might be a simple statement that “New Thought is an ever evolving understanding that all of life happens through us, never to us. It uses the term or word consciousness to further explain the process, often quoting Emmet Fox’s statement, ‘Life is consciousness,’ that leads one to the ever unfolding idea that in order to affect a change in our life, the realm of mind called consciousness must first change.”

There is some variance in the story of where New Thought got its name, but the most agreed upon was reported in The Christian Commonwealth, June 17, 1914. An unnamed reporter wrote, “It is the outsider who has given this name to the teaching. For when hearing about the use to which this knowledge has been put, and the new interpretation which is given to old truths, conditions and experiences, the commonest remark of the listener has been, ‘Why, that is a new thought!’ And, afterwards, when wishing to refer to it, he has described it as ‘that new thought of yours’.”

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